1. Introduction

    Employpet values the trust our users and customers place in us when they give us access to their Personal Data. The Privacy Policy describes how we work to maintain that trust and protect that information.

    In particular, this Privacy Policy details how we collect, use and disclose personal and non-personal data you give to us when you access or use the online and/or mobile services.

  1. The Employpet Entities Responsible for Your Information

    This section determines which Employpet entity acts as the controller or processor of your Personal Data.

    – Employpet as Controller

    For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, “Employpet”, “we” or “us” means: Employpet, Inc. if you are located in the United States.

    Employpet is the controller of all Personal Data processed pursuant to this Privacy Policy, except as otherwise expressly stated below in this section 2.

    Please also note that the contracting entity indicated in our Terms of Service may differ from the data controller indicated in this Privacy Policy.

    – Employpet as Processor

    Employpet offers certain hiring services to Employers where Employpet acts as a data processor, or similarly, under applicable data protection laws, and processes the personal data it collects from and about you only on the Employer’s behalf, subject to our Terms. This applies to our Candidate Import service, where we help Employers contact, interview and manage job applicants that do not apply through our Website, and other service offerings that help Employers manage the hiring process. If such job applicants create/log into an Employpet account, Employpet may associate their personal data collected through these hiring services with their Employpet account based on the instructions by Employers. For example, if a Job Seeker creates/logs into an Employpet account, they may view, within their Employpet account, the history of the messages and interviews which took place between the Job Seeker and Employers previously interacted with by using these services. If you have any questions about Employpet’s processing of your personal data as part of these services, or to exercise any rights you may have with respect to such information, please contact the Employer to which you applied. Employpet may also act as a data processor on behalf of its affiliates (e.g. for billing purposes). The remainder of our processing activities covered by this Privacy Policy does not apply to Personal Data that we collect through these services.

  1. Some Important Definitions

    Personal data (“Personal Data”) refers to any information that relates to an identified or identifiable individual, and non-personal data (“Non-Personal Data”) refers to any information that does not identify a specific individual. Please note that at all times Employpet will adhere to the applicable statutory definition in determining what is and is not Personal Data for the purposes of this Privacy Policy. Where this Privacy Policy refers to “information” or “your information” this may include both Personal and Non-Personal Data.

    The Website is made available for use by individuals searching for employment openings, or services or information related to their personal employment or job search (“Job Seekers”). Where applicable, the Website may also be made available to individuals and/or organizations seeking information related to hiring or human resources or seeking to make available information regarding employment openings (“Job Listings” or “Job Ads”), on their behalf or other’s behalf, including but not limited to agencies purchasing for multiple parties (“Employers”).

    Employpet allows Job Seekers to include a number of different application materials to Employers when they apply to a job. These can be found in the Profile section of your Employpet account, and include materials such as your resume, your assessment results and your answers to screener questions (“Employpet Profile”). When referring solely to your resume information, whether an Employpet resume or a resume that you upload yourself, this will be referred to simply as “resume”.

  1. The Scope of Employpet’s Privacy Policy

    This Privacy Policy covers data that we collect through the Website. In cases where you follow a link to a third-party website, you are no longer covered by our Privacy Policy, and any data collection or processing activity that takes place on that website will be governed by that website’s own privacy policy. We only collect data on the Website that display a direct link to this Privacy Policy.

    Occasionally, we may refer to this Privacy Policy in notices on the Website, including special purpose web pages or mobile applications, including invitations for you to submit ideas to improve the Sites. Employpet may amend this Privacy Policy at any time.

    If you applied to a Job Listing, please consult the Job Listing for additional information applicable to you. Current and former Employpet employees should contact their human resources coordinators for applicable policies.

  1. Changes to the Privacy Policy

    Please review the “Last Updated” legend at the top of this page to determine when this Privacy Policy was last amended. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will become effective on the “Last Updated” date indicated above. By using the Website or providing information to us following such changes, you will have accepted the amended Privacy Policy. If Employpet is going to use Personal Data collected through the Website in a manner materially different from that stated at the time of collection, then Employpet will notify users via email and/or by posting a notice on the applicable Sites for 30 days prior to such use or by other means as required by law.

  1. Your Privacy Rights

    You may make a verified request to Employpet regarding your Personal Data. While Employpet does not sell your Personal Data, you can nonetheless make a formal request to delete your Personal Data held by Employpet. This process is detailed herein, which also describes the designated address information for making requests to Employpet regarding your Personal Data.