This generation of pets are different, our pet are part of our families now. So, just like other family members we want to make sure people that interact with our pets are good people.

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A successful business is the balance of vision, happiness and financial gain.  The vision is the business doing what it was created to do.  If a person passionate about dog grooming, creates a dog grooming business. But the business makes money cleaning up dog poop. This business has failed. Happiness is the happiness of founders, workers and staff.  A business where people hate coming to work will fail; employers that hate their workers or employees that hate working at a job create a bad environment and that business will not be successful.  Financial gain, the business must make money.  The success of a business is the balance between these three components.  When the right person is hired and they are passionate about the business the vision of the business is upheld.  When employees likes where they work and share the vision of the business, the business undoubtedly will make a lot of money.  A business that succeeds is a business that balances these aspects.  And a lot of that balance comes from the connection between employee and employer.
With that being said, the right connection between employee and employer is very important.  EmployPet is based on this concept.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to seamlessly and correctly connect the right employee with the right employer within the pet industry.  Almost like the perfect dating app for job seekers.
The EmployPet platform is for Employers (including micro employers; individuals ready to hire for temporary work), Job Seekers and Independent Contact workers in the pet industry.
And what makes us different is our trademarked “PetFolios”.
PETFOLIO are pet based portfolios created by Job Seekers and Independent Contract Pet Workers on the EmployPet platform which include; resumes, pictures, video and credentials of job seekers,  where employers can see everything the job seekers have to offer and job seekers can express themselves fully to create the perfect connection.  Our vision is to be the drive force of pet industry jobs, where we have created better pet businesses, long lasting job experiences, help contract pet worker start and run an effective self employed business.

EmployPet Secret Weapon– William Rilenge

William Rilenge started his career in restaurant marketing where he spent 10 years. While wife Sheila Rilenge was in animal protection services.  On the efforts to shift careers they wanted to combined the things they love; animals and what they were good at; marketing.  So they created the “The Pet Expo”.  The Pet Expo was a gigantic pet base convention that tour around the US.  During these pet expos William and Sheila Created numerous connections and contacts in the pet industry.  They ran the pet expo across the USA for a number of years, growing their knowledge, understanding, and influence in the pet industry. In the later years of the Pet  Expo because of their vast knowledge and connections within the pet industry they created the Pet Marketing Agency.  Unfortunately because of the pandemic the Expo part of the business had to be suspended but more focus and effort was put into the marketing agency. The marketing agency evolved into a business that not only helped pet companies market their product and services during the pandemic but a business that also helped companies navigate their way through the pandemic.  Helping many companies stay in the green during the pandemic even creating a (( the online thing you made to help businesses display their stuff )).
And EmployPet is the next stage of this evolution.
William has gone from creating conventions where people and businesses that love pets can come together, to helping pet businesses connect better with their customers, to stepping behind the scene and connecting the pet businesses with pet loving employees.  As stated before part of the success of a business is the correct connection between employee and employer.  And that is EmployPet!!!

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