K9 Keep Fit is a dog daycare, boarding and training facility in San Jose, CA.  We are a small company with a lot of heart.


Yes. We make sure the intact boys play with fixed girls and intact or fixed boys. Intact girls play with fixed boys and intact or fixed girls.


We keep our dogs active throughout there day with us.  We offer: daily 2 mile pack walks, group play, treadmill, individual play time with staff. The goal is to have your dog go home fully satisfied: emotionally, physcially and spiritually.


Boarding dogs can interact with the daycare dogs during the week.  We also have a few solo dogs (ones that don’t care for other dogs), they get to play ball, flirt pole, frisbee or a pack walk with a staff member.


Private one-on-one lessons at  clients home and parks. We use The Foundation Style of dog Training Basic Obedience Commands and Puppy Consultations.