A to Z Dog Ranch

A to Z Dog RanchWe offer Dog Boarding, Day Care, Pick up, and Delivery with the largest play area in Travis County, 5 acres. We are all about your dog as we built our place based on how we would like our dogs to play. Supervised play and we live on the property.

We have the dogs play like a dog park here – supervised pack play.
We have 5 acres of fenced area to run. The Range and The Grove, each is 2.5 fenced acres with lots of room to play. We also have lower yards, The Campground and Little Rock, to offer shy or older dogs who don’t need all the running room.

We have dirt piles, rock hills, a sandbox, and pools to get their feet wet when it’s hot and wood chip piles. Lots to keep them busy and send them home happy and tuckered. We know from experience a happy dog is a tired one. Play is always supervised by at least one human.

We require a scheduled Evaluation to allow you to see where dogs play or have your dog come for a Daycare Evaluation. All scheduling is done through our office.

We operate under full disclosure so we want you to see everything. We introduce the Dog Ranch Crew to them one at a time to see if the Dog Ranch is a good fit for everyone, this is the evaluation portion of the Tour. Our pack ranges from 11lbs to 85lbs, much like our playgroups as we do not separate play by size.

We set up playgroups according to temperament; High Energy and Low/Moderate Energy. Mornings start with potty breaks and breakfast at 6:30 am – 7:30a. We alternate the playgroups from 9a – 4:00p. Each group gets ~30 minutes of play at a time, while the alternate group stays inside the temperature-controlled buildings. Times alter with the weather. Dinner is served from 4:30p – 5:30p. The last potty break is between 7p – 8p.

Dogs that like to be in a pack play environment and enjoy attention from humans are what we are looking for. We follow a routine so even shy or timid dogs learn to trust what is going on. Treating them like they are 2-year-olds is a phrase we often use out here, dogs are sensitive yet need direction and correction from a well-balanced human.

All dogs must be evaluated onsite with a scheduled appointment