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Exist Report
The Pet Marketing Agency “Exit Report” is a recap of all the services that the Agency provided for the customer, also services or changes that the agency suggests but the client does not agree with. Here at the Pet Marketing Agency we pride ourselves on ACTUALLY helping business be successful in the pet market and we refuse to be an agency getting paid for work that is subpar. We advised clients to the best of our abilities and try to make sure the client’s “business” is successful even if sometime it creates a disagreement with the client. Sometimes we create a vision for the client that does not match the vision the client had imaged. Of course the client is always right and we want to get as close to that client’s vision as possible. Because of this at the end of each marketing campaign or advising session the Pet Market Agency will provide an “Exit Report”. This report will have a recap of the services provided; everything that was done, everything that was suggest but not wanted and what was done instead of the suggestions. This will give the client one last chance to approve all work done or not done. So both parties leave the temporary partnership happy.

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